Our personal touch

We welcome you within Advipro because we know you will fit in with us. Once you start working on an exciting project at one of our clients, we will stay in touch.

How do we go about connectedness at Advipro?

  • You can count on a personal contact: the A-Team Manager. He or she will be your go-to person and support in the project. Difficulty coping with something? Need to exchange views? Your A-Team Manager, or ATM for short, is your sounding board.
  • We are happy to inform you about the ins and outs of Advipro. You can expect a quarterly management update or you can consult the current status of our business objectives at any time.
  • We would love to hear from you. Drop your ideas via our digital suggestion box, report them during our monthly anonymous engagement surveys, participate in a brainstorming session ...
  • Informal team building in small group with colleagues at the same client.
  • Short lines of communication within our organisation which makes reaching out to e.g. HR, CEO, Associate Business Managers easy.
  • During the first weeks of your training process, you will create connections with other colleagues and the business managers.
  • Informal team building in a small group with the people working for the same client – and again you will learn from colleagues.
  • Short lines of communication, also to the other layers (ABM / HR / CEO /...)
Focusgroep development

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